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Blame my QUICM552 Ethics class for the rash of postings. Here is another. When I opened my Mozilla Fox internet browser a suggest link was to a Ted Talk by Gary Kovacs entitled Tracking the Trackers. It’s six minutes and worth your while. Because of our topic this week — Internet Consumer/Customer Privacy — I went to the talk.

Gary Kovacs demonstrates a new program that tracks who is watching you in his Ted Talk Tracking the Trackers. After a typical day on his laptop, he had 150 different sites tracking his behavior. His nine-year old daughter had almost that many after two hours of visiting children sites. This is mine less than five minutes after I installed the program:


Mozilla Firefox add-on that tracks sites tracking you


It grew to this in less than an hour:


Mozilla Firefox add-on that tracks sites tracking you



The Firefox addition is called Collusion. You can get it here from Mozilla Add-ons. I have also tried protecting my information through a program called FixCleaner. It removes my cookies, history, and other tracking software from my computer.  I run it every evening or multiple times if I am on the computer. Now that I have seen my exposure through Collusion, I will be more diligent to wipe my history from my computer. Now how about my mobile life? I guess it’s time to look into more protection for my smartphone. *sigh*


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