Thoughts on Project Planning

I found this class very useful. For projects I have going on in my personal and professional life, I would just jump right in without much of an idea of what I should be doing. Now, I have a much clearer idea of why many of those projects didn’t work out well. Schedules were not set without a clear estimation of the work that would be required or any number of other problems would come up that would
delay the project. And while I’ve learned that delays are a normal part of project, they’re more easily dealt with and responded to if a
project plan is in place.
Now I have a much better idea of the work that will go into my master’s project, and what it will take to complete it. I have an clear idea of what order I need to do the work in. And I have a clear idea of how each section relates to and depends on the others. Now,
while I still have 95% of the actual work for the master’s project to complete, I feel that I have a better handle on how I will go about
working on it and finishing the project in a timely manner.

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