The Value of Project Planning

I confess.  I really didn’t want to take a course about Project Planning.  And now I am so glad I did.  It’s not that I assumed I knew everything there was to know about planning a project.  Actually, I was very aware that I didn’t know much, but usually got by without any formal training.  All of my past experience in managing project deadlines has been ad-hoc.  I’m a master at tracking tasks in excel spreadsheets – at least I think I am.  I secretly made fun of PMs who created schedules in MS Project.  Seriously, I had no idea that project planning was more than an unreadable chart from a silly Microsoft application.

For all the Project Managers I’ve worked with in the past – my sincere apologies!

Now, I feel ready to tackle my final project in the ICM program, which will be an online portfolio.  I learned the value of planning detailed tasks and estimating durations.  I learned a way to plan for risks and quantify them – something I always ignored.  I assumed the risks were blatantly obvious, so why write them down?  Nor did I realize that project management is essentially risk management.

About that silly Microsoft application…it’s not so silly.  It’s a challenging program to learn, but not impossible.  I’ve realized that MS Project is just a tool; the actual planning is done way before a new project file is even started.  I always thought PMs opened a new file and simply added dates that software developers gave them.  Again – so sorry to all the hard working and effective Project Managers out there!

Anyway, I think Project Planning is an elective.  For anyone on the fence about registering for this course – I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to prepare for your capstone.

You won’t regret it.


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