The Program Has Bolstered My Confidence and Increased My Skill Level

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 3Reflection by Kasha Topa-Jones – Earning a Master’s degree is the realization of a lifelong dream for me! Never in my wildest dreams have I ever imagined that my Master’s degree would be a mix of both traditional communications and new interactive media trends. Bringing the two worlds together, I now have the additional skill set and talent to execute any interactive media challenge that comes my way. The ICM program has bolstered my confidence and increased my skill level tenfold as I learned and produced successful projects in the online environment.

After receiving my Bachelor’s degree over eight years ago, returning to college was a challenge within itself. I was unsure about the online classes and coursework as I have never attempted to take classes in this non-traditional environment. To my benefit, online learning worked best for me during this time in my hectic life. The online program allowed me to construct excellent time management skills while giving me freedom to schedule my own study sessions. What worked best for me in this non-traditional setting was the fact that I had to research and explore topics beyond the required lesson plan. It motivated me to want to learn more in comparison to the traditional classroom. Because of this program, I am more organized and more capable to efficiently adapt to time management situations.

I found it a little challenging getting back into the grove of things once I started classes. I believe my nerves got the best of me. However, the ICM program is setup in a way that it is easy to understand and follow. Every instructor was thorough in his or her expectations and course work. The staff was friendly and invited all students to contact them with any questions or concerns through a multitude of communications means. I found the staff to be understanding, helpful and inspiring. They helped sculpt me into a successful student.

I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to join the ICM program. I will take away with me many of the lectures, skills and resources that I have obtained while in the program. For me, the hands on approach to learning interactive media skills were by far my favorite courses. After I researched and applied the methods, I was able to output the work so, that I could contribute them into my portfolio.

Having never had any design experience, I found Advanced Visual Design, Interactive Animation, Interactive Techniques and User Centered Design to be my favorite courses. The courses challenged me to learn topics that I have never seen before and to tackle design for the first time. After completing the following courses, I have come to realize that my passion also includes design. I am excited to continue to explore this side of interactive media and how it can contribute to media projects.

I am eager to present my portfolio to the world, which displays my abilities to be successful in the interactive media world. Before, Quinnipiac University, I was limited with my skillset. Now, I have the ability to work anywhere. I can continue to work in TV, advertising, explore web design and social media. The career opportunities are endless! I have more flexibility to explore a wide range of career opportunities without feeling incompetent. In addition, I have Quinnipiac University to thank for that. I am proud to represent Quinnipiac University now and forever. I am proud to be alumni.

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