Flash mobile is dead, long live Flash!

So many of you have probably heard that Adobe decided to give up on trying to get the mobile version of Flash player to work on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.) because Apple just wouldn’t budge on it. Instead they Continue reading Flash mobile is dead, long live Flash!

Breakout Careers

It’s interesting that 2 out of the 6 careers listed here are things that we deal with (to some degree) in the ICM program: http://education.yahoo.net/articles/breakout_new_careers.htm?kid=1A8G8 #1 being “Social Media Strategist” and #4 being “Online Video Game Strategist”. Good news that Continue reading Breakout Careers

Information for free

If anyone in the QUICM program is looking for information on current careers and job tracks that the ICM program is good prep for, I’m more than willing to help you find professionals willing to give informational interviews. I work in advertising as an Interactive Project Manager but I’m willing to put my networking skills to use for other ICM’ers and help make the transition into the professional Interactive arena as best I can.

Continue reading Information for free