Project Planning course lends theory to practice

Readings for the ICM Project Planning course lent theory to my real-world experience with project management. That experience is limited to being a contributor to large-scale intranet and application-development projects. I can now better appreciate the challenges that the project managers I reported to faced. Although I do not aspire to a career in project management, I am glad to have acquired project-management knowledge and skills. I have no doubt that they will be useful.

The textbook has good information, but is something of a disappointment. Content quality is marred by errors in copyediting. These tiny errors are mostly just annoying, as are quotation marks around every key term. To me, these quote marks are the visual equivalent of being nudged or talked down to, and they appear in every chapter. Worse are issues with clarity. It seems to me that more than one key topic is introduced as the most important in project management. The author and publisher should correct these issues in the next edition, if there is one.

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