Perspective on Project Planning (Hammond – ICM 590)

One of the things you quickly learn working for a digital agency is that your life will be filled and divided by projects. Whether they’re big or small, complex or simple, your time will be spent working on and managing various initiatives. It’s therefore critically important to become as fluent as possible in the tools and techniques of effective project management.

Personally, whatever project management skills I possessed prior to this course, were learned in the proverbial “school of hard knocks.” Over the years, I’ve tried to teach myself project management through experimentation – and often with mixed results. While I’ve been able to survive in the agency world, to be completely candid, I never really considered project management to be one of my primary skills. I’ve always know this was a missed opportunity, because those who excel in project management are always in huge demand. It is, without a doubt, one of the most important skills an account manager can possess.

For those thinking of entering agency life after grad school, I’d recommend truly internalizing the skills you learn in ICM 590. In my personal experience, most employers do a pretty lousy job of training their staff on project management. While this can be attributable to a variety of reasons, most of the time, business leaders simply assume junior staff will – as I’ve often heard, “sink or swim”. Everyone simply hoping project management skills will simply appear.

Fast forward to 2012 and the skills I’ve recently learned in ICM 590. This class was the perfect refresher to give depth, consistency, and rigor to the half-baked project management skills that have been rattling around in my thick skull for the past several years. In ICM 590, you’ll learn effective methodologies for estimating and managing projects of significant scale, including the proper terminology for the various project elements and cool digital tools to tie it all together. (Heck, the training in MS Project is alone worth the price of admission.) After a short 12 weeks of training, you’ll emerge a first-rate project manager with a huge leg-up on you competitive peer set.

It’s good that this is a required course at Quinnipiac. Of all the courses I’ve taken in this program, the content I learned in project planning will be the most immediately applicable in my professional life. I’m confident you’ll find value here as well.

Thanks for a very useful course!

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