Meet Frank Hines!

hinesLives in: East Brunswick, NJ

Current Occupation: Technology Center Supervisor at Quinnipiac University

Favorite Social Channels: Facebook & Twitter

“If you enjoy the world of media, you’ll enjoy the knowledge and the work that comes out of the program.”

As a designer and gamer, Frank is another one of our students in the Interactive Media Master’s program. While taking classes, he also enjoys playing the piano and biking.

Q: What attracted you to the ICM Program?
A: To further pursue and expand my knowledge of interactive design as well as well-round myself in the bigger area of interactive media.

Q: What class has been your favorite so far and why?
A: ICM512 (User Centered Design) has been my favorite so far. This is because it is a more advanced web design course with a lot of focus on designing for the user, which is an essential piece of information to comprehend when designing for web, mobile, or anything that is intended for people to be using.

Q: Have you applied any of your schoolwork to your professional job/career?
A: I have applied some of the design work I have done to my identity by expanding my portfolio because some great design work has come out of it. I also entered the attached piece into a Quinnipiac Interactive Design Organization Showcase event and one 2nd place for best print design.

Q: What do you hope to learn the most from this degree?
A: More knowledge on all forms of interactive design (and media) – basic introductory skills in the fields I’m less familiar in, and more advanced skills in the field of design.

Check out Frank’s ICM501 final project.

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