Meet Amaris Mujica!!

mujicaLives in: Casco, Maine

Current Occupation: Graphic and Web designer at Infinite Potential Habilitation

Favorite Social Channel: Facebook & LinkedIn for important things and Tumblr and Pinterest for leisure

“Web presence is one of the most important things to companies these days. If you know how to code or professionally blog, you have a job.”

Offline, Amaris considers herself a nerd and a big fan of comics, including Japanese manga. She dresses up and goes to comic/anime/sci-fi conventions as often as she can. On the side, she puts her photography skills to use at the conventions she goes to and has fun with her friends near her.

mujica_artQ: What attracted you to the ICM Program?

A: I was a Legal Studies major with a focus on Intellectual Property since I wanted to focus on protecting artist’s rights. I always enjoyed making art and designing, so I realized I wanted to go in a different direction when I saw the ICM program. I was making designs outside of class in my spare time anyways, so I figured that must be what I really wanted.

Q: What class has been your favorite so far and why?

A: I’m really loving ICM 504: Interactive Animation & Mobile Design! I loved that Adobe Muse allows you to make quick designs of websites that are functional and beautiful. It’s been very educational and a great addition to my portfolio. I really enjoyed ICM 505: Web Techniques, because it also taught me to hand code.

Q: Have you applied any of your schoolwork to your professional job/career?

A: Definitely. I’ve created the website for Infinite Potential with the skills I’ve gained, along with their new logo.

Q: What do you hope to learn the most from this degree?

A: I really just want to be the best designer I can. I worked very hard to teach myself everything I knew, and I just want to take all of that to a higher level with a graduate degree. From there I hope that I can find a company that’s interested in hiring me!

If you are interested in seeing some of Amaris’ work, check out her website by clicking here. The abstract art was designed by Amaris.

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