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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I love that saying and the sentiment it conveys because it forgives the act of duplication by acknowledging inspiration’s source. With that said, I’m borrowing the idea for this post from a fellow student, Alexander Gamble, who designed his blog based on course content, Visual Design, from Quinnipiac University’s MS in Interactive Media program.

It’s been two weeks into the summer course and theory related assignments got off to a great start. One of the first tasks was to select anything and discuss it in terms of form follows function. The objects selected were varied – recipes, cans, Sony NEX-5 camera, Nook Tablet, Mr. Coffee, corkscrews, Apple OS X, CamelBak®, Samsung Galaxy Phone, and my favorite Post-it®, notes to name a few. This exercise was a lot of fun.

By not having ‘fancy’ design constraints in whatever object we chose to discuss, the exercise opened up my cobwebbed brain into thinking something as simple as note paper was in fact an innovated flight of fancy, simply by adding a little bit of tacky!

The site Pinterest is a content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard. Pinterest and Behance are some of favorite sites I follow out of a love of design, be it illustration, painting, logo, photography, film, music, advertising, branding, animation and anything visual. I mention these resources for anyone, but particularly for students of design. Do you follow any that you’d care to share?

I found the work of German artist Hannes Beer, through my connection to Marie Kazalia who is a painter and arts advocate. A few qualities especially resonated with me in this graphic:

© Hannes Beer via 153/365 – The All Day Everyday Project

The message of the text is inspiring. To learn, for me, is like breathing. I like the vintage feeling of the texture used in the background combined with the silhouette. The two components, background and silhouette, make for a clever use of simplicity and play on negative space. The whimsical treatment of red items that appear to be feeding the brain, is a light hearted and fun way to convey movement in a static image.

Learning = awareness. Whether it is being informed of a new tax rate that effects my monthly budget or a new preset in image editing software, it doesn’t much matter what the subject is. What matters is staying open to information I can use in my life and learning why it is that stuff got that way – feel free to comment on the design above or on what learning means to you!


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