How to Create an Interactive Map Which Utilizes an Exchangeable Date Sets

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 3.01.41 PMMarie Mullaney – The original goal of the project was to understand how to compile and compare any large dataset (e.g., data provided by local, state or federal government or maintained in private databases), understand its digital construct and context, and then to create a data visualization of the dataset in the form of an interactive map. This also involved understanding design choices in making an effective data visualization (labeling, color choices, format considerations) and ascertaining use of appropriate digital tools (existing software and/or computer languages) to make a compelling graphical representation of the data.

The realized goal of the project was to create a digital template based on a map which serves as a dynamic tool for visually accessing and analyzing related data. The map was built in Flash, with the connected dataset in XML format.

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