Final Thoughts on ICM 590

Project Management was one of the areas that I was pretty intrigued
about as I never had formal training with PM and will have to do it
often in my current profession. This past semester, ICM 590 has given
the opportunity to really understand how to properly put together a
project and all of the areas that are involved in developing and
managing a project. While I have had experiences working on projects,
the class really taught to think critically about project control,
managing deliverables, and the multiple levels of risks that can come
up in a project.

One thing I found useful was being able to see the progress of my
peers as we all worked together individually on our project plans and
project schedules. Being able to see their progress helps me to review
my own progress of whether  I am going in the right directions.
One key learning resource I am definitely walking away with would be
the MS Project Professional tool, particularly learning how to put
together a Gantt Chart. There were a number of times I wanted to tear
my hair out, but thankfully, I didn’t. I will admit. It is such a
frustrating process at first. I didn’t realize how much details are
involved and I think the advice rings true: The more detailed you are
with your tasks, the easier it is to work in the program.

As a beginner, I still find it a little bit challenging for project
scheduling so I think I will probably continue to learn it and perfect
my skills with this program over time. However, I’m glad to be adding
it to my resume now.
Overall, I am walking away with a much better understanding of PM and
look forward to applying these theories to many more future projects, particularly my  final
project this upcoming Fall.

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