Social Media Platforms Open Doors For Artists

A recent New York Times article on an arts competition, Art Takes Times Square, raises interesting thoughts about being an artist in today’s digital world. The contest sponsored by, enlists creative types to upload their work (for a fee) for the opportunity to Continue reading Social Media Platforms Open Doors For Artists

Knockout Design Inspires Student

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I love that saying and the sentiment it conveys because it forgives the act of duplication by acknowledging inspiration’s source. With that said, I’m borrowing the idea for this post from a fellow Continue reading Knockout Design Inspires Student

Does Form Follow Function?

I have grown up hearing the phrase “form follows function.”  I have even heard it on and off before ever taking a design class or anything of the sort.  I do not recall why I have heard this before, but Continue reading Does Form Follow Function?

Capstone Project Research Help

Hi everyone, I am looking for feedback on the topic within my capstone project. I am designing a class to teach social media to peole who are either entering or are in journalism. The class in the style of our Continue reading Capstone Project Research Help

Less is More

Visual Aesthetics (ICM 502) was the first course I ever took in design, although I’ve been a creative wannabe for a long time.  Talented and extremely skilled graphic designers at work surround me.  After learning some basic principles and using Continue reading Less is More