Capstone Project Research Help

Hi everyone, I am looking for feedback on the topic within my capstone project. I am designing a class to teach social media to peole who are either entering or are in journalism. The class in the style of our Continue reading Capstone Project Research Help

Breakout Careers

It’s interesting that 2 out of the 6 careers listed here are things that we deal with (to some degree) in the ICM program: #1 being “Social Media Strategist” and #4 being “Online Video Game Strategist”. Good news that Continue reading Breakout Careers

Flash now allowed for iPhone/iPad apps

Great news for anyone who wants to create an App for the Apple App Store using Flash:,2817,2368965,00.asp In case you are not familiar with the raging battle, Apple has imposed serious restrictions on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, effectively Continue reading Flash now allowed for iPhone/iPad apps