A few thoughts on project planning (ICM 590)

I am not a project planner by trade but I have an aversion to running off half cocked. Thus, with my Quinnipiac Interactive Media capstone project staring me in the face, it was with joy that I entered ICM 590, Continue reading A few thoughts on project planning (ICM 590)

Thoughts on ICM590 -Project Planning

I have been planning projects in the form of video productions for many years now, but I’ve never had any sort of formal project management training. Production is certainly specialized, with its own set of protocols and best practices, but having this Continue reading Thoughts on ICM590 -Project Planning

Thoughts on Project Planning

I found this class very useful. For projects I have going on in my personal and professional life, I would just jump right in without much of an idea of what I should be doing. Now, I have a much Continue reading Thoughts on Project Planning

Project Planning course lends theory to practice

Readings for the ICM Project Planning course lent theory to my real-world experience with project management. That experience is limited to being a contributor to large-scale intranet and application-development projects. I can now better appreciate the challenges that the project Continue reading Project Planning course lends theory to practice

ICM 590: Plan on, planners

One of the best guys I ever worked with was this project manager (PM) named Dave. Dave was cool as hell. He drew doodles a lot, often kept a bottle of liquor at his desk, and was always cracking jokes Continue reading ICM 590: Plan on, planners