A few thoughts on project planning (ICM 590)

I am not a project planner by trade but I have an aversion to running off half cocked. Thus, with my Quinnipiac Interactive Media capstone project staring me in the face, it was with joy that I entered ICM 590, one of the last stops on the road to a Master’s Degree.

It took me about one good day of reading to realize that while I was glad to be in a class that would allow (read “force”) me to hammer out a plan for my capstone, I was not an expert in planning. You don’t realize how much goes into a project until you start writing it out.

But, with instruction and a little experience I was able to quickly develop a blueprint for a project I hope is both ambitious and innovative (no pressure).

Perhaps my favorite lesson learned came in the final two modules. Put simply, I learned that it’s OK to dream big, shoot for the stars and expect earth-shattering results. I assumed that a project plan was meant to reign in the overactive imagination. Conversely, it is meant to foster the innovator and supplement the brave. A good project plan will allow creativity but provide a stopgap that will prevent your vision from becoming a pipe dream.

I think the class as a whole is a great benefit to any Interactive Media student, even those who chose to take the professional portfolio route. No matter what your end goal is, a well-developed plan and schedule will remove some, though not all, of your headaches.

In today’s fast-paced world, organization is a must and a class like 590 is a good springboard into the maturity and skill required to create and stick to a winning plan.


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